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Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is no longer about web design and development anymore, while that is still crucial, At Web-Mode, digital marketing is an all comprising of Social Network, Email marketing, Videos and Search Engine Optimization.


Responsive Design

When we design your website, we are cognizant of all your clients across the world, that’s why we always do a triple-check ensuring zero compromise on design and 100% smooth and functional!


Brand strategy

Before we dive into designing, we Listen! We learn your business and understand your branding . We help create Logos, posters and design a full-fledged website that fits smoothly into your over all branding strategy.

Our Process

Step 1

Your Requirement

You connect with us with your requirement

Step 2

Blue Print

Web-Mode understands your business requirement, creates a wireframe

Step 3


We get your approval for the design

Step 4

Web Design

We start our web development and incorporate your brand strategy.

Step 4

Demo I

Web-Mode will do our first demo to show case the look and feel of the design

Step 5


Approval of look and feel of the design

Step 6

Demo II

A fully functional website

Step 7

The complete website

A fully functional responsive, SEO integrated website.

WEB-MODE: Design Content Branding Strategy

Why choose us? 

Choose us because we deliver! We carefully iterate in each stage of the process till our stakeholders are appeased.


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